Mack pays Katy a visit in the psychiatric unit. Katy is delighted to see him until Mack reveals his reasons for coming. Mack questions why Katy believes Dee is trying to frame her and is shocked by what Katy tells him. Will Mack finally learn the truth?

Briain is struggling with his guilty conscious. Fearing he may tell Berni the truth,Sorcha tells him to get a grip, the Gardaí have no idea they are to blame, and Jude will be OK. Briain visits Jude, breaks down, and apologises for what he did. But unbeknownst to him somebody has witnessed this exchange.

John Joe listens as Katy explains why Dee is trying to frame her and the lengths she went to. John Joe regards her in anguish, believing his daughter has serious mental issues. Mack has access to Katy’s e-mail. He is just one click away from accessing the DNA results to check if he is indeed Jay’s father. 

Andy, when witnessing Briain picking up a new wing mirror at the garage, is convinced more than ever, that Briain is responsible for Jude’s accident. Cóilí Jackie’s emotions get the better of him at the ceremony. He is angry and hurt that his beloved sister Bláithín does not have a sacred burial place or a place in Heaven because she was not baptized. Tadhg visits Katy, wanting answers. Katy tries to convince him it was Dee but is dismayed when Katy in unable to tell him what Dee’s motive was. 

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