Callum's woes continue, Christy is stuck in the middle between Farrah and Sean, Katy is put under pressure again and Mondo may have some explaining to do soon...  

NB: There is no Sunday episode this week.

Just how far can someone be squeezed into a tight spot? That's one of the questions that comes to mind as Robbie continues to put Callum under pressure. Jane sees Callum having a secret meeting with the heavy and Callum then confides in her about what has happened. What will Jane's advice be – and will Callum accept it?

Farrah insists she should take over from Sean as Christy's carer. Sean is stung by her criticism and then becomes jealous as father and daughter begin to repair their relationship. But just how will Farrah view Sean if she finds out about the changes in Christy's will?

The tensions between Katy's parents over her sexuality intensify after mum Debbie sees Laura to discuss the issue. Katy's father Eoghan feels that he has been undermined by the meeting, and later in the week tries to talk the youngster around to his way of thinking again. 

And there are developments in the Mondo-Louise-Kerri-Ann triangle when Kerri-Ann starts to dig a little deeper. Will Mondo be able to get his story straight?