A busy week in the Square, with more worries for the Carters, a shock for the Beales and two secrets discovered - will people keep quiet?

At the Queen Vic, Mick and Linda are worried that if Lee changes his statement it may implicate him in the investigation into Lucy's murder. There are plenty of twists in the week ahead, including a visit by the police to the Beales. They tell Ian that Jake is being released as new evidence has come to light. The police do not disclose further details, but Ian will find out more from another Albert Square resident.  

Despite their best efforts, Max and Emma will have their relationship discovered. Jay finds the clandestine couple together in the Branning home when he leaves in some chocolates for Abi. Will Jay keep their secret?

The discoveries don't end there: Patrick is also faced with a major dilemma. Rainie tells him that Ian paid her for sex on the night that Lucy was murdered. An angry Patrick later confronts Ian - but will he tell Denise?

And finally, someone is set to say goodbye to Walford...