Niamh and Michael bump into each other outside Phelan’s, but they’re suddenly interrupted when Caoimhe is mugged on the street. Niamh shows that she cares for Michael when she stops him from running after the mugger. He suggests they meet later in Niamh’s house, as Paul and Callum will be away at a Trade Fair. 

Elsewhere, Carol confronts Tommy for failing to show up for his taxi shift. Caoimhe stirs things with Carol for overworking her Dad. Tommy rescues the situation and tells Carol he had to lie to Jane and Caoimhe as he had forgotten about their lunch date. Tommy, rattled, insists they stay out of his work business.

Meanwhile, Tommy calls over to Judith’s apartment when he realises the hidden camera is not working properly. He uses his therapy as an excuse to get into her flat. When Tommy reaches up to adjust the camera on the shelf, Bob catches him and wonders why he is there.

Later in the week, it’s the day of Ben’s Communion. Zoe is busy totting up the potential revenue Ben can make for his communion. Later over the family’s communion dinner, Ben shows his delight with all the money he has accumulated for his communion. It’s clear to Jo and Dermot that his mind does not seem to be on Deirdre at all.

Also, Wayne, thrilled that Orla has gotten her landlady’s license, has a plan to surprise her. He invites friends and family for drinks at McCoy’s. Wayne congratulates Orla on her success and makes a toast. A proud Wayne presents her with an engraved plaque, however he feels like the laughing stock when the plaque has a typo “Orla McCoy, Landlady of McCoy’s.”