With Bob away on business, Judith relies on Tommy to be her protector. Tommy is happy to oblige and when Judith asks him around to her flat to keep her company, Tommy makes a huge misjudgement and tries to kiss her.  Furious that Tommy would use her current situation to worm his way back into her life, she humiliates him when she bluntly insists she will never take him back. 

Elsewhere, Kerri-Ann hides her anguish when she fails to get in touch with Mondo; however Leo and Dolores are worried about her.  When Kerri-Ann finally does get through to Mondo it seems he is enjoying himself.  Kerri-Ann, heartbroken he is getting on so well without her; covers her heartbreak and busies herself with the salon opening.

Meanwhile, Tommy plots to turn Jane and Caoimhe against Bob. Caoimhe is furious when she learns that Judith and Bob reported her father to the Guards.  

Later in the week, Kerri-Ann is determined to make the salon a success to prove to Mondo she made the right decision when he returns. Decco tries to get in Kerri-Ann’s good books when he enquires about a haircut, but it’s clear he has other intentions...  Ama notices that Decco is coming onto Kerri-Ann, but Kerri-Ann is determined that the male residents of Carrigstown are a market worth tapping into for the salon.  

Also, as Niamh's anxiety about Michael grows, tension between Michael and Callum escalates.  Niamh tries to plant the seed of doubt about Michael to Paul, when Callum comes in giving out about Michael trying to be the boss of him. However, Paul is having none of it.