Terese does her best to talk Susan around to letting Josh go back to school in Year 12 but with Susan remaining firm, it's not looking like Josh will get his way.

Amber gives him a harsh dose of reality however and tells him he must go back to school or get himself a job. Josh listens to Amber's advice and realises that maybe going back to school is the smart option, though his first day does not go according to plan and he is tempted to throw in the towel.

Meanwhile, Terese is feeling left out when Brad, Lauren and Matt all seem to moving along with the private investigator route without talking to her about it first and she is blindsided by it all. Feeling as though Brad is pushing her away, she goes to Matt for advice.

Amber discovers that Bailey has been doing some research into Lauren's long-lost child himself and she urges him to stop as they can't be doing that kind of thing behind their mum's back. When he gets some information however of someone fitting her profile, he is hopeful that he's found her and tells his mum what he's been up to, but has he really cracked the mystery?

Sonya is feeling overwhelmed with Toadie away and when his assistant Talia calls around, she is furious to learn that he's been confiding in her about their marriage issues, and when she comes across a photo of Talia wearing lingerie among Toadie's things, she doesn't know what to think and ends up firing Talia on the spot.

Elsewhere, when Chris locks eyes on Stephen Montague in Charlie's, he and Brennan do their best to track down Danni and warn her that he's on the loose. Danni is rattled and the boys encourage her to leave town until the dust settles but can she get away from Stephen that easily?

Kate enlists Brennan to help her to set up Georgia and Kyle and although they end up having a great time together, will Georgia let Kyle back in?