When Judith receives an anonymous threatening letter she is deeply troubled and the Gardai inform her than with insufficient evidence, they can't do much for her.

Armstrong has an alibi so Tommy decides to take matters into his own hands leaving Bob concerned about Tommy's level of involvement in their lives. When he meets with Armstrong he convinces him that he'll get Judith to reconsider her allegations and apologise to him but later on in the surgery Judith asks Armstrong to leave as she doesn't want to cause a scene and just as things begin to kick off, Tommy arrives and saves the day bringing Garda Maguire with him. Armstrong realises he's been had, but can he put two and two together and figure out Tommy's game?

Elsewhere, Orla is delighted that Wayne is taking his role as father to her baby seriously and he invites Jo and Dolores around to go through their birth plan. When she finds out that he's been talking to Tommy about fatherhood however her happy bubble is burst and later in the week a pain in her stomach causes her to seek Judith's help. Overcome with worry about her baby, and concerned about Wayne's feelings when he pushes her to sign the lease for McCoy's, it's not an easy week for Orla.

Outside of McCoy's Wayne manages to build a bridge with the Brennans as he congratulated Dolores on her new job after Niamh announces she will be the manager. While Wayne and Paul may leave their beef in the past, Ray is feeling overworked and when he has an accident at the garage, Paul is less than compassionate and unwilling to put Ray's needs before his own.

Having lost out on the salon job to Dolores, Kerri-Ann is devastated and tells Niamh that she won't work there as a therapist as she feels undervalued, Dolores is hopeful that she'll change her mind and take the job offer up as the interviews aren't exactly going well. If she does decide to take the job, how will this affect her relationship with an unhappy Mondo?

Meanwhile, Caoimhe and Damien go on a date but Damien's feelings for Ama confuse her.