­­­Things aren't looking great for Niamh and Paul this week but he is determined to save his marriage and is hopeful that it's not a case of too little too late.

Niamh is doing her best to hold on to her dignity and aims to continue with her routine as normal but when Paul comes to collect Ruth for a couple of hours, Orla begins to feel sorry for him but she stands by Niamh by firing Jane from McCoy's. Callum brushes off his mother's attempts at conversation and it's clear that he's on team Niamh. Callum can't help but feel somewhat to blame for the drama but Niamh tries to make him see that it's not his fault at all.

Paul, in a bid to hurt Jane, tells Tommy all about her betrayal but it's only when Jane tells Paul that she would never go near him that he realises they never slept together in the first place. Shocked at his own stupidity he has hope now that Niamh will take him back but given his track record she isn't quick to believe him. A seed of doubt has been planted in her mind though and she wonders if she has done the right thing by kicking him out.

Jane isn't ready to stop messing with Paul and Niamh just yet though and sets about making things worse for the pair. Will her meddling cause irreparable damage or can the Brennans get through this?

Later in the week Niamh takes matters into her own hands...

Elsewhere, with things heating up between Yvonne and Dan, Bela suggests he meets Dan in a 'meet the parent' kind of setting, Yvonne is keen to avoid this happening telling her dad that it's still early days, but when Dan overhears them talking he invites Bela out to lunch and much to Yvonne's surprise the pair hit it off.

The dispute in the Dowling household continues with the house in a complete mess. Mondo is torn when he realises that the source of the tensions is Kerri-Ann's untidy nature and even though he attempts to make a joke of the situation, she is left upset and sets about making things right with Leo.

While Caoimhe's at work in the Hungry Pig she cuts her hand on a shard of glass and Bob makes it clear to Judith that he's worried Caoimhe will seek out some kind of compensation. Judith mistakenly puts the idea in Caoimhe's head leading her to tell Bob that she does plan to make a claim. When Judith hears Bob ranting about the 'compensation culture' she tries to make Caoimhe see what the repercussions will be for Bob should she continue with her claim but will she come around or does she already have plans for the money?

Meanwhile Dan and Damien slag Wayne for being whipped by Orla and she notices that there's something wrong with him. He plans a DVD night for the lads but when none of them show up he's disappointed and Orla is left feeling sorry for him. Feeling left out he lashes out at Damien for preferring Dan to him but it's not long before the two friends make amends.