This week in Summer Bay, Nate enlists Ricky and Heath to help him search for Josh, while Roo is determined to keep a positive attitude.

Bianca is daunted by the influx of new Mangrove River students at the school. It's clear there's a divide between the Summer Bay and Mangrove River kids, but Zac tries valiantly to integrate them. When a new student named Matt runs into Tamara, Montgomery unfairly targets him.

Elsewhere, Nate enlists Ricky and Heath to help him search for Josh. When Ricky returns to the house, she finds a very sick Josh on her doorstep. She quickly calls Nate as Josh explains that he didn't want to be in hospital anymore.

Meanwhile, Heath goes to Bianca and tells her about when he didn't defend himself all those years ago - maybe they need to give Matt the benefit of the doubt. Bianca gives Matt a second chance, telling him that she'll believe him if he tells her he didn't trash her office. Matt is confused by Bianca's apparent understanding. It's the first time anyone has believed him.

Later in the week, Roo is determined to keep a positive attitude while Harvey is missing, while tensions are high between Kyle and Casey.

Also, Chris and Sasha worry about Spencer being in the cult. Sasha tells Chris that Evelyn is keeping Spencer safe, but if he blows her cover she'll be in terrible trouble. Chris decides to go to the cult and win back Spencer.