It's Christmas which means David and Alicia's wedding day has arrived. However it being soapland, not everything goes according to plan! The day does not get off for a good start for Alicia - her boiler has packed in, so she can’t get ready at home then Val accidentally burns her hair whilst styling it. Meanwhile, Val has got a bad feeling Priya will spoil their wedding day and tells Alicia why.

Over with the Pollards, David is violently sick. When Priya sees Alicia in the window she gives her a murderous glare, perhaps Val is right? With doubts setting in Alicia rings David to tell him her concerns. Optimistic David puts the day back on track but their day is not smooth running yet, as more surprises and trouble turn up. A dress disaster, a shock and some bad news. Could their happy day be in jeopardy?

Meanwhile, alone at Home Farm and full of self-pity, Declan is as low as he has ever been. Elsewhere, at a hotel Megan's alone wallowing in self-pity. Charity joins Declan for a drink in the Woolpack as Jai watches. Jai feigns indifference when Charity leaves with Declan. Megan eventually decides to return home and is shocked to see the state of the place. She heads out to look for Declan. Not long after, Declan comes home with Charity but disturbed by his attitude, Charity soon leaves.

However, worried about the way she left things, Charity decides to go back to Home Farm. She arrives and is horrified to see Declan with a petrol can. Charity tries to talk sense into him but hell bent on destroying everything he lights a match and drops it on the Christmas tree. Charity is shocked as they watch the flames take hold…will Megan, Declan and Charity make it out alive?