It's not going to be an easy Christmas in the Platt household with Kylie on a downward spiral and tempers flaring.

Kylie is left devastated and emotional as she spirals out of control this week and when she drags Max through his school hall, only for him to break free from her and run towards David, she hits rock bottom. She can't deal with her conflicted feelings; she knows David has been a good dad to Max but she can't trust him to be around the kids on his own.

During Max's nativity play she is asked to leave as she's had too much to drink which leaves the whole family pretty disappointed in her. Christmas Day itself isn't a walk in the park either and Kylie finds it difficult to get through the day without having a drink.

It's not just David and Kylie's bickering that ruins the festive atmosphere however as Nick loses his temper with Leanne when she teases him over a joke from a Christmas cracker.

Hayley is doing her best to make it a good Christmas for herself and Roy and in an attempt to boost his spirits she suggests that they go shopping with Fiz and Tyrone. All Roy wants to do however is have a quiet Christmas with Hayley and as the visitors come calling it's not looking like he'll get his wish.

Peter couldn't hide his jealousy when he heard about Tina's kiss with Rob and he tells her that he knows about it this week. Whether anything more happens between the two is the big question. Meanwhile Rob and Tracy are disgusted when Carla gives Peter an equal share of Underworld.

Elsewhere Pat asks Owen to go into business with him, Ritchie's performance in the Bistro goes down a treat and Roy's nerves grow as his driving test approaches.