This week in Chester, Sienna is close to losing Darren, while Frankie's marriage is in trouble.

Darren is still agonising over his feelings for Nancy. Jack encourages his son to do the right thing and tell Sienna that he doesn't love her. However, Sienna confronts Jack and tells him that she heard what he said.

Elsewhere, with Jack nowhere to be found, Frankie finds solace in Ziggy. The pair end up in bed together again but Ruby nearly walks in on them. Ziggy thinks fast and climbs half-naked out of the window and is embarrassed when he has to be rescued from the windowsill by firefighter Leela.

Meanwhile, Grace tells Trevor and Fraser that she has found a new drugs supplier and they need Tony to get ready for a big job. Trevor tells Tony about the job and when Tony informs Sam, she promises that it won't be long until Trevor is out of their lives.

Later in the week in The Loft, Tony walks in on two heavies and Fraser's nemesis Ray McCormick, who are laying into Trevor, thinking he grassed them up. Tony jumps to Trevor's defence and smashes a bar stool over one of their backs, but they retaliate and Tony ends up lifeless on the floor…

Also, Frankie's relationship is on the line, but will anybody save the Osbornes from breaking up?