This week in Carraigstown, a devastated Maeve is forced to make a tough decision, while Jane’s past catches up with her.

Orla and Wayne face the backlash from the community as Esther is less than impressed with their public show of affection and comments on their scandalous behaviour. A humble Orla meets Maeve outside McCoy's, who is cool with her. Later Maeve tells Wayne that she has decided move back to her parent’s house as her mother needs her support. 

Elsewhere, Judith is uptight as they have a potential buyer for the bar and she wants Caoimhe to be on her best behaviour in order to give a good impression. Judith is hasty to get a deal done and this prospective buyer has already viewed the books and seems happy. Judith gets upset as she reminds Caoimhe of the bad memories she associates with the place and Luke.

Meanwhile, Jane puts pressure on Callum to ask can she stay for longer. Callum is furious when Jane tries to convince him she needs cash and suggests he should ask Paul for it. Later Callum fails to persuade Paul to loan him the money when he assumes he just wants an advance on his wages he is shocked when Callum says he needs €3,000. Paul immediately knows Jane has put him up to it but Callum lies to cover annoying Paul even further.

Later in the week, Jane persuades Callum to let her use the shower in the Brennan household. But Niamh is annoyed when she finds Jane who is putting the finishing touches to her makeup sitting at her kitchen table. The door bell rings and Niamh answers it and is surprised as big burly man forces his way in the door.  Jane comes face to face with Gary the angry moneylender who insists she pays him what she owes him immediately.