On the day of Michael’s funeral Janine is jittery. Joey tries to get her to admit that Alice is not guilty of murder, but Janine seems unperturbed. Joey is then left angry when Janine suggests Alice is crazy and compares her to Derek. When Janine arrives at work, Lucy and Danny are shocked that Janine isn’t going to the funeral. Later, when Janine finds a note which Michael had put in her diary, she is completely shocked. Janine misses the funeral, but she does go to the graveyard alone to say goodbye. As it all becomes it real, Janine collapses sobbing.  

Meanwhile Joey goes to visit Alice in prison, and she is desperate to hear if he has spoken to Janine. Joey delivers the bad news, but tries to reassure her. Alice gives up, realising no one can help her and Joey is powerless. Joey is shaken and goes back to see Janine with a bottle of wine - seemingly with some kind of plan… As they talk and drink more, Janine breaks down and Joey comforts her. Suddenly the chemistry between them turns to passion, just what is Joey up to?

Across the Square Alfie is feeling emotional while Roxy is busy preparing for the wedding with Ronnie. Kat and Alfie bond further over Michael’s funeral, while Roxy is left looking after Tommy who has fallen ill. Ronnie fears that Roxy has doubts about Alfie, but Roxy thinks Ronnie is just jealous. 

And Carl tells a grovelling Ian that the debt has been settled by Phil, and Ian can’t believe it. Ian goes to the Minute Mart to see Denise, who is still fuming, but she is taken aback when Ian tells her she was right to call off their relationship. He explains he was trying to protect her, but he leaves without hearing her response. Denise later tells Ian that things are not over between them…