This week in the Dales, Amy comes up with a shocking plan, while Val is left devastated.

Pollard is upset when Joanie explains that she has taken out a restraining order against Amy. A distraught Amy is let out of the cell with a caution, but is warned that the consequences will be serious if it occurs again. She and Kerry are driven back to the village. After finding out that Joanie has been at the pub, Amy rushes to find her but gets there too late.

Elsewhere, Alicia is concerned for an emotional David as he wishes he'd done more to stop Priya having the termination. At the same time, a tormented and conflicted Priya realises that she needs to make a decision as Georgia is coming to stay during her time of need. David is deeply hurt and can't believe that Priya has seemingly gone through with the termination.

Meanwhile, Marlon receives a letter from the court for Laurel, but decides not to show her yet in a bid to keep the occasion joyous for a little longer. Later, Marlon's plan backfires when Laurel finds her court letter hidden. Laurel puts on a brave face as she tells everyone that she has been charged with assault.

Later in the week, a nervous Amy is delighted when Kerry pulls up in Dan's van Hettie, willing to take her wherever she wants to go with Kyle. Amy becomes teary eyed as she takes one last look at the village. However, the police know Amy kidnapped Kyle and give Kerry a fine for wasting police time. An anguished Val lashes out at everyone and Pollard questions if they still have a marriage.