The Bishops rally around each other this week following Paddy's death.

Vivienne is exhausted by D.I. McCabe’s questioning as she second-guesses her answers and asks her to go over the details of what exactly happened. They are all interviewed individually and Paddy’s death gets to Decco during his questioning but he gives nothing away and tells the police he had a good relationship with his father until he learned that he was abusing his mother.

When they return home they brace themselves before entering and Charlotte is sick with worry when Vivienne is kept for further questioning. It’s an emotional moment for them when they return to their home.

When Paddy’s mother arrives in town for the service, however, she is full of accusations and demands to know the truth. They all worry that Charlotte will blurt out the truth, but can she keep her mouth shut?

Pete’s words have a big effect on Callum and he thanks him for turning up in court. When he tells Pete that he was given community service and a suspended sentence Pete gives him a wake-up call, saying that so many people have put themselves out for him and hopes he will make it worth their while.

Callum impresses Niamh when he tells her he’ll give up his job in the Station Bar to focus on his garage apprenticeship. Niamh and Paul hope that he’s starting to take some control over his own life and they all look forward to him making a fresh start.

Rachel unwittingly convinces Callum to reconnect with his mother when she opens up to him about missing Helen.

Wayne realises that he has to finish things with Maeve and he and Orla agree they must tell her at their first opportunity. Orla feels awful and gets cold feet but Wayne insists he’ll break it to her gently.

When Wayne meets up with Maeve all she can talk about is their wedding and she thinks he’s joking when he says he wants to call things off.

When Maeve asks Orla to be a bridesmaid she feels guilty and embarrassed and she later lies to Wayne and tells him that she doesn’t love him to stop him from breaking Maeve’s heart.

Wayne is in quite the predicament with Maeve getting overly excited about their impending nuptials and the woman he loves keeping her distance. Will Orla admit how she feels and will Wayne actually tell Maeve what’s been going on?

Elsewhere, Mondo and Kerri-Ann step on Deegan’s toes when he returns to home and he is livid to find they have been sleeping in his room. With Deegan giving the couple their marching orders, Ray is left in an awkward position.