There are definitely spooky happenings in Walford this Halloween as a fragile Alice is becoming more and more nervous about going along with Michael’s plan to kill Janine. When she expresses her doubts Michael uses his manipulative charms to convince her that it is the right thing to do.

However Alice is thrilled when she realises Janine can’t be persuaded to go to The Vic’s Halloween party as it means the plan is off. However one fateful phone call from Janine to Michael, puts the plan back into action. Michael can see Alice is scared so he ferociously kisses her to try and calm her before she heads to Janine’s. Michael goes to The Vic and waits for news….he soon receives a worrying call from a distraught Alice and he rushes straight home and finds Alice with blood on her hands. Has she done the evil deed?

Across the Square Peter and Lucy have decided to throw a scary movie Halloween night at home but they struggle to think of a way to get rid of Cindy. Meanwhile, Lola is enjoying the thought of spending the evening with Peter. Cindy knows Peter and Lucy are up to something so she winds Lucy up by refusing to go out. Lola finally manages to get Cindy out of the way by getting her to babysit Bella. Later, at the Beales’, the gang keep hearing noises and jump out of their skin when Cindy scares them! That'll teach them for not inviting her.

Elsewhere Billy is annoyed when Danny and the rest of the football team tease him, so he comes up with an idea when he sees the money the team has raised for Dot’s church roof fund in Danny’s locker. Meanwhile, Jay is injured during the match and Billy is given his time to shine. He scores a hat-trick but it isn’t enough to win them the game. The lads are pleased they put up a good fight but the team give Danny all the credit for Billy’s victory. However, back at the Vic, Danny realises he has lost the money leaving everyone unimpressed and Billy enjoying Danny’s downfall.