This week in Carrigstown the Bishops believe Paddy is in the UK but he's really keeping an eye on them from afar, Wayne admits his true feelings for Orla and Callum is nervous about his day in court.

The neighbourhood is shocked to see a newspaper outing Paddy as a murder suspect and Vivienne worries about their reactions. Charlotte stays home from school in the hopes that it will all blow over and when D.I McCabe informs them that her bank card has been used in Scotland they suspect Paddy is on the move. Decco and Zumo aren’t happy about the leak to the newspaper as they think it’ll send their father into hiding. The family are not reassured by the police when they tell them he’ll be caught and they can live normal lives, but they are touched when the community gets behind them.

Unknown to the Bishops, Paddy is still in Carrigstown and watching their every move. He lies in wait looking for an opportunity to get Vivienne alone and when Zumo hears that Paddy’s been seen in the UK they all breathe a sigh of relief but with him on the prowl, waiting for his moment to strike, and Vivienne left alone in the house, things take a dramatic turn and everyone is at breaking point.

Wayne flirts with Orla while she’s hungover and still feeling sore about Henry standing her up; Maeve interrupts their conversation to tell Wayne she’s heading off to Belfast for a subbing job. When Wayne lets it slip that he scuppered her date, Orla is angry and thinks Wayne hates her and deleted the text message to make her look like a fool. In the heat of the argument Wayne reveals his true feelings for her and they kiss passionately. Orla is confused and decides it’s for the best if they pretend that nothing happened but can she keep her feelings to herself and will Wayne go ahead and plan his wedding to Maeve?

Callum is trying his best to hide his fears about going to court but he makes Rachel nervous when she sees him packing a bag in case he gets locked up. Paul tries his best to reassure his son telling him that he has excellent representation and they all do their best to put on brave faces. The pressure is too much for Callum though and leaves a note for the Brennans before taking off in casual clothes with his rucksack. When Niamh discovers that he has left they race to find him as if he doesn’t show up to court he will definitely go to jail. Pete catches Callum about to steal a car from the garage but will he be able to talk some sense into him?

Elsewhere Kerri-Ann is worried about finding work in the town and takes to the streets to try and spread the word about her hairdressing skills and when she secures an appointment with Orla for a blow-dry she starts to think more positively. Ray and Mondo transform Ray’s into a salon and Kerri-Ann is delighted with their efforts.