This week on Fair City Vivienne continues to try to contain Paddy’s abusive behaviour with sleeping pills, Mondo is back in town and Wayne struggles with his feelings.

The Bishop household is still in choppy water this week with Paddy trying to prove his dominance over Decco. Decco and Charlotte clash over a pair of headphones and when he spots his little sister wearing a skimpy outfit and meeting up with Graham he goes straight to Paddy. Having already threatened Graham over the graffiti in the community centre, Paddy tells Decco he must step up and defend his sister’s honour by giving Graham a beating but when Decco can’t go through with it Paddy is disgusted in him.

Back in the house Paddy tells Vivienne about Charlotte’s escapades and when he starts to berate her children Vivienne drugs his tea to protect them.

The whole household is on edge and afraid of what Paddy will do next and the psychological abuse and physical torment continues.

Jo and Dermot are busier than ever as they juggle work and two children. The couple decide that fostering will be good for Ben as he needs to learn to share but Ben isn’t taking the addition of Zoe to the family easily and everyone is concerned he is feeling jealous of her. When asked how he feels about Zoe joining their family he acts as if he’s happy but his actions tell a whole other story as he tries to think up ways of getting her into trouble.

Wayne is struggling with his feelings about Orla and Maeve and feels self-conscious kissing Maeve in front of Orla. He tries to convince Maeve to take a job in Clontarf to avoid moving to Galway and more importantly, to avoid being left alone with Orla as he doesn’t trust himself.

Wayne goes to Damien for advice pretending that he has a friend that is in love with someone else while in a relationship. Damien knows well that he is talking about his own situation with Orla and Wayne is jealous when he sees Orla getting a bouquet of flowers from her date.

Maeve tries to mend a bridge between Dolores and Wayne and uses the upcoming wedding as a groundbreaker but Dolores has her doubts about taking him up on his dinner offer.

Mondo arrives back in town early with a new girlfriend in toe, Kerri-Ann, who adores him. Niamh is cold towards Mondo as she’s still upset with how he treated Kira.

When Mondo and Wayne go for a drink Mondo explains he’s found it hard setting himself up in the UK. Orla catches his eye and he bets Wayne €20 he can get her number but when Kerri-Ann walks in and sees him chatting to Orla she isn’t best pleased.

Elsewhere Paul talks to Callum about the possibility of contacting his mother to aid in his court defence but Callum finds it hard to get the courage to tell her about the car accident. With the prospect of prison looming over him, he is highly strung and Ray tries to reassure him.