This week in Carraigstown the Bishop family are in turmoil as Vivienne realises there is no escape from Paddy and Zumo and Deco are back to their dodgy dealings.

Paddy accuses Vivienne of trying to take Charlotte away from him – he tells her he took no pleasure in hurting her but that she left him with no choice and he promises that it won’t happen again. Vivienne is so afraid of another attack that she agrees to this even though she feels like a prisoner in her own home.

Zumo and Decco are concerned about their mam but they put it down to nerves about renewing her wedding vows. Just as she is about to open up to Zumo about what’s really going on, he tells her he’s happy for her and Paddy.

Zumo and Decco find themselves roped into a robbery by their dad as Paddy feels they need to prove their worth after Flynn calling them small time criminals. Decco wants nothing to do with the job but will Zumo fall for his father’s underdog story?

While Vivienne plans the vow renewal ceremony, Paddy plans the robbery but when she becomes suspicious her mind races and she concocts a plan to get Paddy out of their lives once and for all.

The wedding renewal ceremony goes ahead in their family home but Vivienne is anxious as her children watch on and Paddy prompts her through the ceremony. She feels powerless and hides the dread she feels inside from her family.

When the kids leave, Vivienne decides her only option to get through the evening alone with Paddy is to slip some sleeping pills in his drink.

Dean arrives home from London and Leo is delighted to see him but worries that something is wrong. Dean denies there’s anything wrong but when he talks to Shannon he realises that living with Leo is having a bad effect on her. When Dean talks to Leo about the fire and his financial problems Leo doesn’t feel as alone as before but Dean is frustrated that Leo isn’t thinking about Shannon’s wellbeing enough.

Dean is shocked when he realises the full extent of the trouble Leo’s in and decides to do something to help his dad out.

Wayne encourages Orla to put herself out there with men so they go for a night out to the Station Bar but after a few too many drinks Orla confesses something to Wayne that leaves him confused. The next day she acts as if nothing happened. He tells her about Maeve potentially getting a full time job in Galway and that he might go with her. As Orla gets ready for a date Wayne has mixed emotions and half-heartedly wishes her luck on her date.

Wayne advises Orla to take a step back from the dating scene but when Colm Hayes is looking for a venue for a dating night, she offers McCoy's but Colm Hayes is less than impressed. Wayne comforts her and just as he is telling her she’s a catch, her phone rings and it’s another guy she met at the Station.

Jo and Dermot are shocked when Kelly arrives back from Wales; she’s worried as Zoe has been moved to temporary foster care and is really unhappy. In the heat of the moment she accuses Jo of messing everything up because of her affair and Jo takes it to heart.