After weeks of speculation over whether his memory will come back – it's clear that David is in big trouble as Nick remembers every detail of what his darling brother has been up to.

Finally it's time for David to face the music as he knows that his pact with Nick won't last forever. Although the full extent of Nick's brain injury isn't clear, he knows enough to back his bro into a corner.

After one hospital trip David heads straight to Tina's, telling her that he has to know if Lily is his and he orders a DNA test. How is he going to explain that to Kylie is another story! She knows full well that he has been to visit Tina but she doesn't know why. It's not exactly his style to come clean but given everything that's going on, he'd be crazy to keep spinning the web of lies.

Meanwhile Roy is planning a surprise trip to Blackpool but he'd have to get up pretty early to pull one over on Hayley and she wants to know what he's hiding.

Plus he is beginning to wreck her head over the whole learning to drive saga. His logical approach is driving her to distraction, which should make for some good viewing!

Elsewhere given the heartache of last week Steve is keen to cheer up Michelle and he thinks that he has just the ticket. However when he shares his plans with Stella – she's not too convinced!