Relationships are at the centre of things in Erinsborough this week with Mason desperate to win Kate back, Vanessa and Lucas on the rocks because of his gambling and Amber and Josh taking things more seriously.

When Amber sees the bruises on Josh’s body she is horrified, but also touched that he got them while defending her. When Mason fills her in on how far Josh has gone to protect her she decides to make some changes in her approach to their relationship. She asks Josh if they can take things slowly and he understands and they agree to wait until she’s ready to take things to the next level.

Mason manages to crack the code on Robbo’s laptop and reels when he sees Lauren contacted him by email before the accident. It's Robbo’s reply that really worries him though as he had suggested meeting up with Lauren to discuss things in person. When Mason confronts her she insists she didn’t meet up with Robbo, she only warned him off.

When Matt realises Mason has Robbo’s laptop Lauren insists they turn it over to the police.

Lucas is on the verge of losing everything and Vanessa is deeply hurt over his betrayal in Toadie’s hour of need so wants to postpone the wedding. He appeals to Sonya for a second chance and while she can forgive him she explains to him why Vanessa may need longer to work things out.

When a good looking stranger shows up on Ramsay Street claiming to be Vanessa’s husband it’s clear she has her own issues, and not just Lucas’ to sort through.

When Vanessa arranges to meet up with Alek, the man from her past, Lucas follows them to a hotel and storms in on them. Vanessa is unimpressed by Lucas’ childishness and forces him to leave.

Alek has a proposal for Vanessa and when Lucas realises what it is, his pride is hurt but he is relieved there is no love left between Vanessa and her ex.

Mason is pining for Kate and he is worried Paul will fire him when he realises they’re no longer a couple. When Paul does hear about the break-up he is concerned about Mason keeping quiet about Marty and Paul plays him, keen to keep Mason away from Kate.

When Mason begs Paul to tell the cops about Marty but Paul refuses to implicate himself.

Terese and Brad commit to spending more time together but they also feel like they have to include Imogen. As they try their luck at a treasure hunt they come across an old phone – Robbo’s phone. Imogen frantically tries to contact Mason so they can stop the phone from getting out but as Matt goes through the phone to figure out who owns it he is horrified by what he finds.

When Paul offers Georgia a contract and tells her performances across the country are on the cards she’s keen to move on from nursing but when Karl asks her if she’s running from Robbo’s death, Kyle is concerned and confronts her about it.