What is it with Emmerdale? Deffo not the place to live if you drive a car – they have more car crashes per capita than any other country in the world!

This time Jimmy is the victim and as Nicola leaves him a litany of voicemails, the poor devil is lying slumped over the wheel.

Thankfully a passing cyclist comes to the rescue and calls an ambulance, who swiftly whisk him away to hospital. Needless to say Nicola is distraught when she hears the news and Charity is pretty freaked too, about the effect on the business.

To make matters worse, despite the fact that Jimmy knows Nicola is working flat out to help him, he tells her that he is not her man anymore and he wants to move on. He decides to stay in Rodney's while they both try to work things out but it's not looking good for Nicola.

Determined to save their relationship and get things back on track, Nicola steps up to help Jimmy keep his job. She offers to take over his delivery duties however when the police learn that he was way over his maximum hours on the road, Charity could be in big trouble.

Elsewhere Ashley and Laurel are growing closer and beginning to build a bridge over their troubled past. However when they get drunk together, Ashley begins to hope that Laurel shares the same feelings that he feels for her.

When Laurel offers him the spare room in Marlon's, trouble could be brewing as Marlon is worried about their history interfering with his future. So he takes steps to speed things up at his end to ensure that nothing interferes with his dreams. He gets down on one knee to propose to Laurel but everything gets a bit messy with Laurel having had one to many. The next day, she finds the engagement ring in Marlon's pocket and aware that she messed things up, she tries it on, wishing that things could be different. However...it gets stuck - she can't get the ring off!

Laurel tries to avoid seeing Marlon for as long as possible or at least until she can get the ring off! However when he realises the ring is missing, he takes it as a sign that they are not meant to be together and decides not to propose to her again, as he originally planned...