David has to be one of soapland's scariest villains and if evidence is needed, wait until you see what he's up to this week.

His own flesh and blood is struggling for his life in a hospital bed but all David can think about is silencing his brother Nick. Last week Nick was barely able to open his eyes and this week he is not only beginning to speak, but also to make sense. This is not something David wants to hear.

When Nick begins to call out for his younger brother, Gail rushes to find him. The big question is whether he actually remembers what David did to him or will he believe the lies that David has been trying to force feed him?

Meanwhile David is desperate to enjoy his time with Kylie and Lily and even suggests that they leave Coronation Street to start a new life together. Good news for his many enemies but not likely as he makes for great telly!

Elsewhere life is just beginning to look up for Michelle but not for long. Steve desperately tries to sort things out for her and decides to give Ryan a talking to. However their little chat uncovers a couple of shockers which lands Michelle right back in the dumps again. She becomes more upset as the week unravels and as Ryan prepares to leave for Ibiza.

Later in the week Tina piles on the pressure onto David who become more concerned that Nick will blurt out the truth as his memory begins to return. Eventually David is brought to his knees and begs for forgiveness but is it too little, too late?