Poor auld Leo – he's had such a bad time of it lately and it doesn't look like things are going to get any better for him this week, leaving Carol to worry about what he might do next.

When Carol can't get through to him, she starts to panic and calls on Paul to help. Knowing full well about Leo's previous attempts on his life, Paul is freaked before he arrives at Leo's place. However he's very relieved when a sleepy Leo emerges. Paul sits down with him for a heart to heart about his state of mind and about his immediate plans for the future. Leo is initially surprised when Paul suggests that he seek professional help. To make matters worse, he is upset when he finds out that his private despair has become public knowledge.

In a bid to prevent Niamh and the factory tenants hiring a solicitor to get compensation after the fire, he tells her that she will be putting Leo's life on the line if they continue down this road. Niamh then backs down and tries to get the group to seek compensation from their individual insurance company. However this could spark yet another blow-up...

Meanwhile, Paddy turns into the green eyed monster when he sees Vivienne and Ray talking and enlists Zumo and Decco to give him a special message. He takes matters into his own hands later in the week to ensure Ray stays away from her. Not only that but he causes serious trouble with Paul when he offers him parenting advice. When Paul lashes back, Paddy can't control his temper anymore and he grabs him by the scruff of the neck. Bob intervenes and despite the fact that he's still fuming, Paddy backs down before he's fired.

Plus given everything going on over the past couple of weeks, Caoimhe has a very awkward dinner in Halpins and as you can see from the pics, tensions are running high. Damien cannot deny his feelings for her but where to next for the pair?