The quest to find the person behind Robbo’s accident continues in Erinsborough this week and his illegal gambling set up is discovered.

When a cheque is found with Lucas’ signature on it Matt connects it with the deconstructed note found in Robbo’s pocket and this is the only lead the cops have.

Hudson is taken in for questioning and admits he didn’t go straight home on the night of the hit and run but his alibi checks out.

When Matt discovers Lucas with all of the cash he is suspicious and takes Lucas in for questioning. He tells the truth but knows that his story sounds crazy. Vanessa is gutted that Lucas was gambling again and Sonya and Toadie are devastated that he let Toadie think he was responsible for Robbo’s death.

When Mason tells Paul what happened with Lucas Paul thinks that Marty could be the mystery driver.

Mason thinks Marty had something to do with the hit and run but before he follows up on his suspicions he needs to make sure Amber had nothing to do with it and demands to hear the full story from her. She finally confides in him.

When Paul and Mason meet with Marty he denies any involvement in the accident and threatens to tell the cops that Paul was involved if they go to the cops about their suspicions.

Callum and Josie’s bond grows but when she calls things off a rift grows between Callum and Bailey as Callum blames Bailey for Josie’s change of heart.

Imogen continues to deny that she has an eating disorder much to Terese’s frustration. Brad thinks they need to be patient with her but Terese is adamant that they can’t wait. When Terese opens Imogen’s sports bag and finds her stash of food she is distraught and sets about finding her daughter.

Mason and Kate plan a trip to Sydney for a weekend and Mason books them a nice hotel. He assures her it doesn’t have to mean anything but she is touched and they sleep together. When Kate warns him that they still need to use protection as there is a slight chance she could get pregnant, he suggests they have a baby together but she doesn’t think he’s ready for that kind of commitment.