With the Braxton’s involved in another court case, tensions are high and big decisions have to be made. Elsewhere in Summer Bay things aren’t running smoothly either with Sally struggling to sell the caravan park. 

Bianca brings Zac to her principal’s dinner after Heath was less than enthusiastic about accompanying her. When Heath shows up at the dinner to surprise her, and sees Zac in his place he is angry, especially when Bianca arrives home tipsy and fails to mention Zac being there.

Heath is convinced that Bianca is following her pattern of finding a new lover before her wedding day as she did before marrying Liam. This accusation leaves Bianca outraged but Irene tries to make her see things from Heath’s point of view. Leah counsels Zac about getting involved and thinks he is playing with fire as she suspects he has feelings for Bianca.

Spencer worries about his future at the gym now that he and Sasha have broken up but Indi tells him that his job is safe as she can empathise with him because she knows what it’s like for someone to just up and leave. When Indi sees Spencer comforting Maddy, who is upset about Pippa’s illness, she tells Sasha and she is devastated. She contemplates going back to Broken Hill and when Maddy sees how upset Spencer is that Sasha is leaving again she realises he’s not over her yet.

Ricky has accepted her fate and resigns herself to the fact she is going to prison. She urges Brax to testify against her and she is worried he’ll lie on the stand for her.

Tamara is also nervous about speaking in court as she doesn’t want Casey to know she’s having flashbacks. Kyle worries that she’s remembered being in love with Casey but those memories haven’t come back, at least not yet.

Marilyn tries to help John with his financial worries by offering him a trial at the diner but when it doesn’t go well she is heartbroken as she really wants to help him out.

Casey’s drinking is out of control and he starts drinking at work. He hides his alcohol in a water bottle but when Maddy takes a swig from his bottle she threatens to tell Indi whats going on. The pair enjoy each other’s company and share the alcohol. Roo is disappointed in Maddy but Maddy throws Roo’s past in her face.