In Albert Square this week David is stepping on Masood’s toes with Carol, Phil gives Jay a talk about family loyalties, Joey and Abi worry that Lauren is drinking again and Dexter remains firm on going ahead with the kidney operation.

David is turning heads as he returns to the square with people wondering why he’s back. Carol lets him stay the night in her home after he is beaten up but she asks Tiffany and Morgan to keep it a secret from Bianca as Carol fears she would be on the first train home if she knew.

Masood is put out by David’s presence and while Carol assures him it’s a temporary situation, David enjoys Carol’s attention and tries to make her see what could have been had they worked out. He tries to put a divide between Carol and Masood but will it work?

Poppy announces to Fatboy that she’s been looking at houses for them closer to her parent’s house outside London. He has reservations about her idealistic views of their future in the suburbs and eventually explodes which leaves Poppy upset. Will they sort through their differences?

Phil is suffering a crisis of confidence over the accident and he confronts Carl about hanging around. Carl claims to be looking out for Phil but when Phil hears Jay is planning on going to Carol’s birthday party he gives him a talk about family loyalty and tells him to choose between his family and Max’s family.

When Ronnie hears about Phil’s ultimatum she challenges him but he won’t back down.

Roxy feels guilty for hiding things from Alfie and they have a near miss with Ronnie having to hide in Roxy and Alfie’s bedroom when he comes home unexpectedly. Michael see’s Ronnie sneaking out of the Vic but when Roxy questions him he gives nothing away.

Eslewhere, Jack asks Ronnie to move in with him but she’s hesitant, Liam has a crush on someone so David gives him advice in an attempt to bond with his grandson and Abi and Joey notice Lauren has a spring in her step and think she might be drinking again but it’s really because she’s been texting Jake.