Can Frankie and Jack put the past behind them on their wedding renewal day?

With recent events hanging in the air, could this be the end of an era for the Osborne family? Will Jack’s desperate attempts to reconcile prevail?

With her relationship on the rocks Frankie surprises herself as she seeks comfort in the arms of a family acquaintance. She is desperate to keep her actions a secret but will she be able to?

Trevor and Fraser plot the ultimate revenge on a deceitful Jim. Can he pull off this cruel plot?

Joe is nearing breaking point as he is still coming to terms with his grief.

Freddie struggles to contain his jealousy and this hits a nerve with Sinead. Freddie is made to perform a terrifying task but will it go to plan? Will anyone get out alive? He admits to his demons but he could lose his loved ones in the process.

Sienna asks Darren to take the next step and she shows her true colours when trying to keep him happy. Sienna is overjoyed when her plans fall in place.