Robbo’s accident is still on everyone’s mind this week. When he starts to make good progress and wakes out of his coma, he starts talking about Mason and gets agitated.

When Georgia tries to get him to explain he goes into arrest and she battles to resusitate him.

Georgia is unable to do anything for Robbo and he dies following his cardiac arrest. His dying words give Toadie hope that he was not involved in the accident and that he may not have to face a manslaughter charge. When another detective takes over the case from Matt, he realises his family are under the spotlight.

Mason and Imogen support Amber while still wondering if she was responsible for the crash, while she wonders if they were involved. When Imogen and Mason’s car is found there is evidence linking the car to Robbo and Mason is pressed for answers by the law and by Kate. Does he know more about Robbo’s death than he’s letting on?

Kate pushes Mason to confide in her and she becomes suspicious when he won’t give her a straight answer about where he was on the night of the crash. Kate goes to Paul with her concerns and because he believes Marty responsible he tries to convince her Mason is innocent. After speaking to Imogen Mason realises how hard it is on Kate so tells her the whole story.

Jack Lassiter gives Paul a warning about choosing business before family and happiness. Jack sees Paul as a ghost of his younger self and pushes Paul to reconsider his priorities but he hits a nerve and wonders if he’s done enough to put Paul in a new direction.

Georgia can’t come to terms with not being able to save Robbo and pulls out of a shift in the hospital to play a gig in Charlie’s.

When Terese tells Imogen the police want to talk to her she is dismayed and Mason tells her to just stick to their story. The pressure mounts for her and when her exam results are bad she collapses.

When Karl examines her he realises that she has a ruptured aesophagus which is usually caused by excessive vomitting. This leads Karl to think she has bulimia but Imogen won’t admit to having a problem.Terese tries to get through to her daughter by admitting she once had bulimia but Imogen stays quiet.