This week in the Dales Chas, Bob and Brenda are in the court awaiting Cameron's appearance. Bob reassures Brenda if she is having second thoughts she can leave but Brenda wants to be there for Nikhil and Molly. Chas steels herself for the ordeal of seeing Cameron face the charges. You'll have to tune in to see if Cameron pleads guilty or not guilty.

Meanwhile Pollard promises Val he’ll stop bothering Amy over Kyle but it’s clear he’s secretly taking action. He finds her phone and heads to visit Joanie. Amy realises where Pollard has gone. Joanie tells him she checked Amy’s background and is reassured she has come from a good home. Pollard tells her Amy is Kyle’s real mum and he is then aghast to realise Joanie didn’t know. Pollard tries to reason with her but she is adamant Amy won’t go anywhere near Kyle again. How will Amy react when she hears what Pollard has done?

Elsewhere Moira’s reluctant when Cain says he can get the cash to save the farm. But as she does not want to go to John’s mum for the money she might have to rely on Cain. Charity’s intrigued when Cain asks for a meeting with Jai over sourcing cash for Moira. But will Jai help?

And Priya’s concerned Alicia may spoil their wedding now she’s left Home Farm. Rhona leaves for rehab but doesn’t manage to see Paddy before she goes, leaving him furious.