A busy week in Carraigstown to mark the show's 25th season and 24th year on the air. Leo is between a rock and a hard place with Zumo and Paul on his back, Luke plays with fire and forces Tommy to make a tough decision and Damien is wracked with guilt.

Carol and Leo clash when she reveals she had a heated conversation with Zumo about taking advantage of him. Leo tells her to mind her own business but Carol is only looking out for him and warns him that if the whole neighbourhood can see his dodgy dealing, it's only a matter of time until the guards come calling. Zumo is angry that Carol has gotten involved so Leo reassures him that she'll keep her mouth shut.

When Zumo decides he no longer wants anything to do with Leo, Leo is left in a tough spot and asks Zumo for a loan so he can pay Paul for the factory building but Zumo is unwilling to help. When Paul comes up with a solution to Leo's problem and gives him a contract to sign, Leo is infuriated and accuses Paul of being a low life and tears up the contract. Carol berates Paul for not simply extending his credit terms and Paul is left torn and wishing he had never loaned his friend the money.

Zumo suggests Leo does an insurance job on the factory building but Leo dismisses the suggestion.

Paddy continues to work on Vivienne and wants her to change the name on her passport but she has not made up her mind yet. He is still trying to assert himself as the man of the house and continues to clash with Zumo.

Damien is wracked with guilt about his affair with Caoimhe and overcompensates with Ama by offering to buy her a dress. Caoimhe reiterates the rules of their no strings attached relationship and she doesn't want to hear about the guilt he feels towards Ama.

Yvonne and Luke consider their plan of action about how to get Tommy to withdraw his statement. Luke thinks they may have gone too far but Yvonne reassures him that once Tommy withdraws his statement, Luke can withdraw his in turn. Judith accepts Tommy's offer to present a united front and they go to McCoy's together. Tempers flare between Luke and Judith in McCoy's and Tommy enjoys seeing them argue.

Judith is at breaking point when she realises she will be branded an adulterer in the tabloids but will Tommy back down and give Luke what he wants to save Judith?

The competition heats up at the community centre when the Carraigstown Bake Off takes place. Jo is sure Carol is cheating; Ama is gutted when Damien doesn't show up to support her and Ben extorts money out of Carol.

When a fire breaks out in the factory building, everyone gathers wondering if anyone is inside.