After the revelations of last week Stella’s in self destruct mode as she seeks some comfort at the bottom of a bottle. Jason and Dev refuse to accept that she’s in any way to blame for Karl’s wrongdoing but breaking down Stella doesn’t think she deserves their compassion. At her lowest ebb just how damaged is Stella?

Over the road Roy and Hayley are struggling to sleep and Hayley reveals she’s had a nightmare in which she was Harold again. As Hayley opens up to Roy, she reveals she has no regrets about becoming Hayley, although she does have one huge regret: not making amends with her son Christian. Remembering their last encounter how will Roy react to Hayley’s revelation that she intends to contact Christian?

Meanwhile Tim’s enjoying the new easy-going Sally and won’t listen to Jason’s warnings about her true highly strung nature. But when he mentions a weekend away Sally goes into over-drive, suggesting a trip to Paris, and a pained Tim is left to recall Jason’s words!