It's a busy week in Carrigstown with surprise proposals, shocking revelations and family drama.

The Carrigstown Taste of Dublin Festival takes place with Charlie as master of ceremonies, but when Val plans to surprise Christy by making a speech in front of everyone things take a turn for the worse for Val. Christy figures out that Val plans to propose to him at the festival and when he asks Carol for advice about how to get out of it, Val is left publicly humiliated.

Christy tries to make things up to her but can she get over the humiliation she feels and will they be able to move on with their relationship?

Caoimhe has trouble with Callum and Sean in the Station Bar with Callum winding up Sean. Sean grows tired of Callum and Caoimhe's attitudes so quits his job. When Luke drops the bombshell that he'll need to sell his share of the bar to cover his legal expenses in Tommy's court case, Caoimhe realises her job and the Station's future are in jeopardy.

When Yvonne fails to show up to a memorial for Helen, Bella is furious but he is cheered up when Carol offers to go with him instead. Bella later apologises to Yvonne for being so angry and says he worries about her, the two patch things up and go for an awkward drink together.

Paddy enrols Zumo in a literary course in the community centre without talking to him first so when he finds out he is angry and forces Charlie to take his name off the list. This causes more friction in the Bishop house. Paddy's mind games with Zumo begin to work and he continues to play happy families and assert himself as the man of the house.

Luke is determined to prove to Judith that he didn't leave Tommy for dead and Tommy taunts him about spending time in jail but Luke is confident he won't be going to prison but when he realises Judith will be testifying in the case he realises prison isn't off the cards.

The Fahey's are surprised when Benjamin arrives home with a stray dog after finding him on the road – Ben wants to keep the dog but Dermot and Joe are keen to look for the rightful owner.