This is a dramatic week for the Dillons with Neasa making a shocking discovery, Paddy tries to get the Bishop clan to bond, Leo tries to fix things with Shannon and Carol and Bella form an unlikely friendship.

Judith’s anger over Tommy and Neasa’s meddling grows and she worries if Tommy is using Neasa to get at her and Luke. Judith and Neasa have a tough week and Caoimhe refuses to get involved. When Neasa comes across some CCTV footage on the Station's computer things really blow up for Luke. Tommy takes action to deal with Luke as Judith makes a life changing decision. Judith is distraught as Neasa prepares to say goodbye to Carrigstown.

Paddy tries to inspire his children in a positive manner by organizing regular meal times for quality family time together, the children think it’s a joke. When none of the Bishop’s show any interest in going to mass with Paddy, Vivienne agrees to accompany him. Ray is concerned for Vivienne when he sees her and Paddy together. Paddy’s hold on the family grows stronger but when he loses his temper Vivienne takes action.

Leo tries to make it up to Shannon but she doesn’t forgive easily and is out for revenge. When he tries to stop her from going to Miami she is adamant she will leave anyway.

Bob unloads a lot of the work for The Taste Of Carraigstown onto Ama and Val but is quick to take the credit for their hard work.

Christy worries about how Val is coping when Eddie tries to get in touch with her, he reassures her that she's a good woman and a good mother.

Yvonne is jealous of Carol and Bella's new friendship after Carol gives Bella some horse racing tips.

Caoimhe, short-staffed in the station, works her charm on Sean and Callum as she needs new barmen to help out.