This week in Carraigstown, Judith is shocked when Neasa sides with her father, while Tommy vies to get better.

Neasa and Tommy discuss his flashback of the accident. Neasa is apprehensive about the repercussions of making such an accusation. Neasa holds off jumping to conclusions as she mentions that there was drink on board and that everyone else will think it's sour grapes. Tommy is adamant that he remembers the night. He and Luke had been arguing when he fell back and down the stairs after coming to blows with Luke.

Elsewhere, Judith is shocked when Neasa sides with her father and his version of events. Luke denies all of the accusations and puts it down to him being a drunken fool. Vivienne defends Luke and is taken aback that Neasa believes Tommy who is gutted when Judith refuses to believe his version of events. She blames his continual lying on the fact that he doesn’t really want the divorce. She believes that it is just another ploy to discredit Luke.

Meanwhile, Tommy vies to get better as his frustration fuels his recovery, Neasa tries to reassure him that the truth will come out and Luke will slip up exposing his own lies. Neasa is determined to nail Luke and she comes up with a plan. She asks Tommy to lure Luke to the house. Tommy apologizes for his behavior and calls a truce with Luke when he calls into the Station Bar. Caoimhe encourages Luke to accept Tommy’s peace offering of a drink in the house which he reluctantly accepts, knowing that Tommy is lying. In order not to look bad in front of Vivienne and Caoimhe he agrees to call into Tommy’s later on.

Later in the week, Paddy is content as he sits with Vivienne for breakfast. Zumo arrives down as Paddy announces that he can have his old room back. This takes Vivienne by surprise having only resumed their intimacy the night before and she wanted to tell the children herself. Vivienne by not denying anything is inadvertently admitting to Zumo that they are now an item.

Also, Tommy makes Neasa promise not to rush into getting Judith to accept the truth about Luke. He wants to buy some time so he can figure out a plan to really nail him. Luke stirs things further when he gets Caoimhe to ask Neasa to get her to call into The Station Bar for a chat. Luke expresses his and Judith’s concerns about Tommy, saying that they both think he is starting to have a mental breakdown.