As Carl tries his best to win Kirsty back he realises that she is still hung up on Max. Max returns to the square and Kirsty offers him an ultimatum to find out if he really wants to be with her but Carl manages to intervene before Max can tell Kirsty how he feels. Carl thinks he's won but Max is not about to give up on Kirsty without a fight.

Meanwhile, as Danny and Janine grow closer, Michael is suspicious about his rival's past. In his jealousy, Michael plots to destroy Danny's reputation and get Janine onside but will his efforts pay off?

Alfie and Roxy have set a date for their wedding but Alfie is worried about Kat's reaction. When Kat does find out, her reaction surprises Alfie but something tells us she's not showing her true colours!

Later in the week, Kat discovers that Ronnie will be released soon and despite Bianca's urges, she refuses to tell Alfie as she does not want to ruin his happiness.

After seeing how hard it has been for Kat and Alfie, Tyler tells Whitney that he can't be friends and they need to stay away from each other. Tyler feels like the best way to deal with his problems is to leave them behind for good but will Whitney convince him not to go?

Thursday sees the return of Lauren to Walford and Max, Cora and Abi are unsure how to act around her. Lauren is determined to make amends with those she's wronged but soon realises it's not going to be easy. Making up is always hard to do.