This week in Weatherfield, Nick ends up alone with David in the van with a strong suspicion that David knows exactly what happened between him and Kylie.

In such close quarters Nick cannot contain his guilt and admits his deceit to David however his confession ends in disaster when David, unable to control his rage, crashes the van into an on-coming lorry. Will the Platt brothers survive and if they do will their secrets be revealed to everyone else?

Elsewhere on the cobbles as Tracy and Rob have opened their new business Peter manages to drive a wedge between Tracy and Rob by suggesting that Rob ask Tracy to move in. Rob is reluctant – can you blame him? – and Tracy then accuses him of only wanting her for her money.

Another relationship in trouble this week is Lloyd and Mandy's who are at loggerheads over their differing parenting skills. Will the couple be able to resolve their differences or are they just too great to over-come?

Meanwhile, Tina returns home from her holiday and is dragged straight back to reality when she realises that baby Jake has come home too.

With Tommy's support, Tina is determined to get on with her life and when Izzy decides to have Jake's homecoming drinks at The Rovers, Tina is adamant she is ok to work the shift. Find out this week if Tina manages to keep a hold on her emotions.