The Week in Carraigstown, Tommy continues on his quest to cause trouble between Luke and Judith. Just as Luke thinks he's managed to one-up Tommy by discovering he has been lying about his slow recovery, Tommy manages to provoke Luke into lashing out right as Judith walks in the door!

Tommy also manages to get Nessa on his side but Luke is determined to prove that Tommy is fooling them all.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of Callum's confession is unfolding and Rachel is worried about Paul going to jail for bribing Doug. Delores is pushing Pete to tell the police about Paul's actions and Doug surprises everyone when he decides not to spend the money on a holiday in a decision that sees him leaving Carraigstown for good.

Despite her concern for others, Rachel's feelings are neglected with everyone focusing on Callum's future and her efforts to explain her woes about the upcoming school year are misunderstood.

Leo's pride causes him to lash out Shannon who is so concerned about his health and financial problems that it starts to show in her work and Val is far from happy.

Elsewhere, Esther has her heart set on bringing some culture into the lives of Cass, Bela and Charlie but will she get her way?