This week, Whitney desperately tries to keep up the façade that she's okay since hearing the news about Tony's passing but it's clearly still affecting her. She goes back to work at the community centre where she comforts Frankie, a young boy who is worried that he will be left out when his mum has another baby. She tells him however bad things may seem if you stay positive you will get through it. This boosts Whitney and makes her think she should take her own advice. A little while later, Frankie runs out of the community centre to see his mum and Joey stops him. Whitney thanks Joey before taking the boy back.

That evening, Whitney and Tyler are in Scarlett's and she plucks up the courage to start talking about Tony. Tyler is clearly uncomfortable and unintentionally offends Whitney by calling her "messed up", causing Whitney to take off her engagement ring before storming out of the restaurant. She angrily tells Tyler it's over and runs off towards R&R where Joey is working behind the bar. The pair flirt and Whitney tells Joey that she and Tyler are over. She tries to kiss Joey and tempted, Joey warns her to leave before she does something she regrets. Whitney tells Joey she knows what she's doing and unable to resist any longer, the pair kiss passionately before they head to Joey's place.

Elsewhere, Ian is desperate to get his and Lucy's relationship back on track so Denise advises him to talk to Lucy from the heart. Later, Ian is elated and surprised when Lucy calls him to arrange to meet. In The Vic, Ian begs his daughter for forgiveness however Janine soon interrupts their chat telling him that Lucy is working for her now. This comes as a blow to Ian which delights Lucy.

And Fatboy disappoints Poppy yet again by telling her he's spending another night with the boys, while Jean goes on a second date with Ollie.