Trevor decides to give Sinead a "test run" before approving her to entertain his clients. She is shaken by the whole ugly experience and by the time Ste comes back, he finds her sitting and shaking in the shower. Unable to cope, she hatches a plan to blackmail her next client so that she can run away from the whole mess she feels her life has become.

Although the circumstances are very different Vincent is also left pretty upset this week. He gets a letter to say that his friend Akin has been deported.

Phoebe gets back in touch with the infamous Trevor who demands a high price for a fake passport. When she turns to Doctor Browning for help, he sets his own price. He gets her to pose as the long-lost granddaughter of one of his wealthy patients.

When the patient, Mrs Rahj gets to know her, she gives her an expensive bracelet. However Phoebe's conscience gets the better of her and she refuses to pay Trevor. How else is she going to get her hands on that passport though?

Looking at all the drama this week, poor Ste is caught in the middle of the most emotional storyline when his mother makes a heartbreaking request that will turn his world upside down. He also makes a life-changing discovery about his past that he’s struggling to grapple with too.