Ian's at the end of his tether with Lucy refusing to help him out with the business, and who can blame her after he slyly took back control, after she spent months making sure he didn't go completely bankrupt. More stress is added to his plate when Jean lets it slip that she, as well as Bianca and Shirley, where to blame for the fire at Scarlet's. He must decide if he will go the police with this new information, but if he does, that means Bianca is back in prison. And to add to all that drama, Carl is still sniffing around looking for his payment. Ian falsely tells him there is money coming, what will happen when the latest Walford thug realises Ian's next payment is nowhere in sight.

Elsewhere Phil finds the lock at The Arches has been forced open, only to discover Shirley sleeping in one of the cars. Phil buys Shirley breakfast and she bluntly tells him she was only sleeping in the car because she was thrown out of the B&B as Kim has too many guests. Phil offers to lets Shirley have a shower at his place and whilst there she pointedly tells him that he is all on his own these days and she states that she was the best thing that ever happened to him. Phil is bemused and leaves Shirley to have a bath while he heads to the B&B to confront Kim. However, when he arrives Denise tells him Shirley wasn’t thrown out but her benefits have been cut so she can’t afford to pay the rent. Phil pays for Shirley to stay a couple more months at the B&B but tells Denise not to tell Shirley that the money has come from him. Could Phil Mitchell have a heart after all?

And Whitney is shocked when an eccentric looking stranger turns up in the Square to deliver her a letter from Tony. Panicked and confused, Whitney tells him she isn’t interested in the letter.

However the stranger continues to follow Whitney so to get him off her back she eventually takes the letter. Tyler witnesses the encounter and asks Whitney what’s going on but she explodes with anger leaving Tyler worried. Later, Whitney meets Tyler to apologise and she shows him the letter from Tony which reads “Dearest Whit, I always loved you, T x.” Tyler tells Whitney not to worry as he’s not coming out of prison anytime soon but Whitney isn’t reassured by Tyler’s words. When she gets home Whitney decides to call the prison to apply for a prison visiting order...