Whenever there’s a problem on the Street, Hayley Cropper has often been the one that many people have turned to for a shoulder to cry on and a spot of advice. But when Hayley is forced to admit to Carla that she has to go for a CT scan she finds an unlikely companion in her boss. Accompanying Hayley to the hospital, Carla is determined to stand by and comfort her most reliable employee and return all of Hayley's loyalty.

As Hayley talks over the results with the doctor, her worst fears are realised as she’s told she faces pancreatic cancer. Knowing now that she can no longer do this without Roy, Hayley lets her guard down; but when Roy’s severe reaction causes the news to spread through the Bistro she is left feeling more alone in this than ever.

Back at the bookies, Rob is intent on retrieving his winnings from Peter and will do whatever it takes to get what he’s owed. Throwing out a proposition to Peter, will Peter take the bait or can he find the strength in him to fight his archenemy?

With little choice but to give in to Rob’s demands, Peter agrees to give him and Tracy the bookies for six months rent free; but what do they have in mind?

And things aren’t looking good between Paul and Lloyd and their feud has begun to dramatically escalate, with more and more people being drawn into their row. But when Sophie vows to take matters into her own hands, what does she mean and how will she go about it?