Tamara quizzes Kyle about their past together and he admits that he wasn’t the best version of himself when they met. He tells her she came to the Bay to be with Casey, but she can’t see it. They get news that Brax has woken up and rush off to see him. At the hospital Heath is grateful to Ricky for waking Brax up, but Casey is still angry, believing it’s Ricky’s fault that Tamara can’t remember him.

Elsewhere, Kyle tells Tamara that despite their kiss, they can’t be together. Her feelings for him may not even be real, and his brother is in love with her. Kyle thinks that once her memories return she’ll go back to hating him, and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her. It’s awkward the next day between them, and Leah seems to know exactly what happened the night before. She thinks Kyle’s made a mess of the situation, and now he has a duty to make things right.

Meanwhile, Brax admits he loves Ricky, and he tells her he doesn’t blame her for Adam’s actions. It would hurt him if she left. Even though she loves him, Ricky doesn’t want to get in the way of him and his family. Knowing he’ll need a friend, Ricky asks a hesitant Natalie to watch after Brax. Picking up on her dower mood, and realising Brax is important to her, Zac suggests she visit Brax in hospital, but Natalie acts like she doesn’t want to see him.

Later in the week, Casey shows up drunk to Leah’s house seeking out Tamara. He knows she can’t remember him, and that’s not her fault, but he can’t forget her. Gently, Tamara gets him to leave, but she’s concerned by his behaviour. Heath is also concerned by Casey’s drinking, and he and Bianca try to get through to him, But Casey’s despondent. Casey attacks Kyle, who reveals that if Casey doesn’t control himself he’s going to push Tamara into leaving town.

Also, Harvey and Roo worry that Marilyn is unhappy since she came home from John’s. Alf thinks it was unfair the way they all ganged up on her, and asks them to talk to her. In a bid to make Marilyn happy, Irene and Roo collude to let Marilyn make tofu wrap ‘thingies’ for the lunch specials. They also request that Marilyn does Feng Shui in the house to distract her from no longer being with John.