With pressure mounting on Ian from Carl, Ian decides it’s about time he took control of his life once again. He begins by tricking Lucy into signing all the businesses back over to him. Lucy is furious at his deceit and a huge rift begins to grow in the Beale household.

Later Ian asks Phil for his help so that he can clear his debt with Carl, but Phil refuses any assistance. In fact he suggests to Carl that he should be putting more pressure on Ian so that he gets his money back. Somehow we think this situation is headed for a dramatic showdown.

Meanwhile Alfie and Roxy organise a charity speed-dating night in the Vic for Dot. The event is a roaring success with some Walford residents finding love. Continuing on the romance theme, Ollie pops into the pub and asks Jean out on a date. She accepts, but will she hold her nerve and go through with it? And Alfie proposes to Roxy, but how will Kat react when she finds out.

Elsewhere Sharon and Shirley are still at each other’s throats and Sharon tells Kim she’s had enough, either Shirley goes or she will, putting Kim in the awkward position of choosing. Luckily for Kim, Shirley storms out of the B&B with her belongings in bin bags, much to Sharon’s delight.