This week in Summer Bay, Tamara is diagnosed with memory loss, while Brax is shot by Adam.

Brax is torn by Adam’s ultimatum – he has to choose who to release, Ricky or Tamara. Heath is adamant that Tamara should be freed as she’s innocent of all wrongdoing. Brax, Heath and Kyle try to devise a plan to rescue the girls, Adam calls and gives Brax a deadline of 24 hours to decide. Brax refuses to sacrifice either girl. Knowing they are being watched, Heath creates a diversion for Brax and Kyle to head out to find Adam.

Elsewhere, Bianca asks Zac for his version of events with Holly. Due to the process she still has to suspend him from teaching. Holly tells Maddy her story, but Maddy is not convinced it is the truth. Maddy confides in Roo, revealing her misgivings about her friend. With Roo’s support, Maddy gives Bianca her opinion on Holly’s accusation – it’s bogus. Bianca interviews Holly again, and faced with evidence from Holly’s peers, it is clear to her that Holly’s accusation is pure fantasy.

Meanwhile, Dex struggles with the prospect of receiving bad uni results, especially since Indi and April have received such good marks. He confides in Marilyn that he hasn’t checked his results as he’s afraid his accident has stopped him from achieving in the same way he used to.

Later in the week, Marilyn advises John that the best way to patch things up with Jett is to start getting better. John arrives at the Summer Bay House, determined to find Jett and worried sick. Everyone agrees to start searching for Jett. However, Bianca and Zac find Jett holed up in the Principal’s office. Jett wants to teach John a lesson about breaking promises, but he doesn’t want to lose him. They convince Jett to return, but he’s unimpressed!

Also, Brax still has no word from Adam and is desperately trying to save Ricky. Meanwhile, Adam is growing tired of Ricky. Brax blames Heath for leaving Adam to die instead of getting him help, setting off the chain reaction of events. He texts Adam, who agrees to meet. Brax leaves alone against Heath’s protests. Brax finds Ricky tied up at the warehouse where Adam was left for dead. Ricky tries to warn Brax that it’s a trap, but as he’s untying her Adam shoots him.