This week in Carraigstown, Zumo confronts Paddy, while Doug is charged with drunk driving.

Vivienne is in turmoil as she struggles to get to grips with the news about Paddy’s abuse as a child.  Decco quizzes Ray about his mother, wondering if everything is all right between them. Vivienne calls to Paddy to talk further about his abuse, they grow closer as they have a heart to heart and Vivienne vows to help him through it. Paddy says that he knows it is too late for them but that he is happy to have any sort of relationship with her.

Elsewhere, Charlotte is upset when she sees Callum smooching a new girl in the pub. She hides her upset as she bumps into her father on the way out. Paddy knows something is up with the Brennan’s and angrily confronts Paul, blaming his children for upsetting Charlotte; he threatens him suggesting that he keep them under control. Paul calls Niamh, Rachel and Callum together to get to the bottom of Paddy’s threat.

Meanwhile, Orla & Jo wind Wayne up wondering if he is up to the challenge of a remote jungle holiday, he anxiously heads off to make sure his jabs are up to date. Orla & Wayne joke about holiday secrets as Jo notices how well they are getting on. Orla realises that she is really going to miss Wayne. Wayne mentions to Orla that there is nothing holding him in Dublin and that the trip away could turn in to an extended break a chance to move away for good.

Rachel tries to talk Callum out of stealing one of the cars from the garage for the night. When Callum goes looking for the keys Charlotte makes a move on him. Charlotte and Rachel argue in the back of the car as Callum drives dubiously off course. He overtakes a van dangerously and doesn’t see another car ahead on the road and he clips the rear of the car as the car screeches to a halt. Callum panics when he sees the other driver making a phone call, he tries to start the car and it stalls. Rachel begs Doug to switch seats with Callum as he continues to try to restart the car, pleading with Doug to switch seats to save his skin.

Later in the week, Wayne gets all defensive when Orla says not to go away with Maeve. She tries to cover up the fact that she fancies him and doesn’t want him to leave. Jo and Maeve have a bitchy chat as Jo wishes her well stirring it up suggesting Wayne’s flightiness and past record with women didn’t sound good.

Also, Paddy pays Connor off to make himself scarce for the evening. Connor is suited and booted as he prepares for an interview as a baggage handler. Connor is upbeat about the job interview until he receives a phone call knocking him back because of his criminal record;