Brennan reveals to Kate that he still loves her, and despite her protests, he knows she still has feelings for him too. However, he needs an answer - will she get back together with him? She turns to a few people for advice and in the end, Amber makes Kate realise that Mason is the man for her. However, Mason ends up breaking it off with Kate and she is left with no-one.

A shattered Kate lets it slip that Brennan kissed her when discussing her breakup with Paul. Mason starts having second thoughts about his decision, but when Paul tells him about the kiss, Mason is gutted. He decides their relationship is over for good, leaving them both devastated.

Meanwhile, Paul is determined to show Terese who's boss, and deliberately sets her up to fail. However, she succeeds in outsmarting him, proving herself to be not only efficient and creative in her job, but also extremely clever

Elsewhere Brad attempts to bridge the gap between himself and Matt. However, despite Brad's best efforts, Matt can't get past the fact that Brad dated Lauren many years ago.

Later, Brad and Matt apologise to each other after their chest beating at Bite Club. When Matt turns up at the Men's Shed to find only Brad there, he makes the decision to try to bury the hatchet and the two men settle in for some beer and footy. An uneasy friendship is born.

While unpacking the boxes from Mt. Isa, Lauren comes across an old sketchbook - but she quickly hides it from her family when she finds a mysterious drawing inside. It's revealed that the drawing she's hiding from her family is of a young Brad Willis. Lauren is clearly haunted by her past, but why?