On Home and Away this week, John is less than impressed when the police call Jett in to be questioned in connection with Casey’s arrest. He tells Brax that he doesn't want his foster son caught up in Braxton business. Jett is not happy about this, finding it completely unfair, but John won't budge.

Meanwhile, Ricky has gone to see Adam and tells him that he needs to stop. However, Adam isn't going to give up until Brax is brought down, whether Ricky is with him or not. When Ricky tells him that she's out, Adam warns that he can't guarantee her safety.
Later, Ricky begs Kyle not to tell Brax what is going on, claiming that if Brax gets wind of it, whoever is responsible will kill him.

Elsewhere, Rosie is adamant that she wants to be a stay-at-home mum. Bianca makes an effort to discuss Rosie's options with her. She will make her a deal - stay in school, trust her, and she will do whatever it takes to make it work. Rosie agrees.

A very stressed Indi struggles to meet the financial demands of the private investigator she has searching for Romeo. Sid is shocked to discover that Indi has used the gym’s money to hire the investigator.

Indi asks Sid if he thinks Romeo may have died from his illness, and Sid acknowledges that it's likely. He tells her it's time to let go.

And April reveals that she has put in her application for practice at Northern Districts Hospital. April tries to get Dex to help her with her study, but it becomes clear there's a little bit of tension between the nurse and the student doctor already.