This week at Home Farm, Declan tries to keep Katie quiet, while an emotional Debbie hits the bottle.

Declan is eager to fix things with Katie, but she insists that they are over and she is going to the police about the body being discovered. Katie then asks Andy if she can stay with him. In a desperate attempt to save the festival if nothing more, Declan makes Katie a proposition, but will she accept?

Meanwhile, a frustrated Belle finds a bottle of vodka at the Dingles' and helps herself. Later, Debbie finds Belle drunk. Feeling guilty for how she treated her the day before, Debbie tells Belle to go back to Tug Ghyll where she will meet her. She promises to help Belle sober up and resolve things with her parents.

Elsewhere, a weak Brenda returns from hospital. She is thrilled to have her friends and family around her, who praise how well she is doing. In the toilets, the reality of the situation sets in when she brushes her hair and it comes out in her hands.

Later in the week, a spiteful Robbie takes delight in letting Zak, Cain and Diane know that it was Debbie who mixed the lethal blend of vodka herself. He adds that she had told him: 'Double the amount, double the money.'

Also, lonely without her children and upset with her situation Debbie takes solace in bottle of vodka before hitting the Woolpack for some stiff doubles. Zak spots the pair in the street and rescues Debbie to take her back to the Dingle’s Homestead. Sobering up Debbie is forced to face up to what she has become.